Marketing and Print

You need an integrated focused vision of your company’s success.

You don’t have the expertise within your company to produce your own marketing and print design but you do know what you need to succeed.
You need something more focused than simply cranking out a new web site or brochure.
And it has to be built from the ground up. We can help!

Working with you, Digital North will design a campaign that hits the core of your goals and delivers the results you’re looking for. Starting with research, followed by a plan and wrapping up with campaign materials, your campaign is rolled out on time and on budget. We craft the pieces to the puzzle to fit the plan, from slogans, logos, web sites, brochures and print, radio and TV commercials, public relations to fulfillment, what ever is needed.

Whether you’re planning an event, building a company from the ground up or integrating a campaign into an established business, Digital North is the partner you need.

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