Digital North turns 20!

20 years making media magic
Digital North

This year Digital North media turns 20 years old!

What a great twenty years it has been. So much creative work, positive energy and good friends.
It’s humbling that how many people and opportunities that have helped us over the years.

Who would have thought that the path set out in the summer of 1995 would have grown to the company we are today.
I still remember moving out of our small home office in Kitchener and into our on the 11th floor of 305 King. It was beautiful view and where we first started growing.
Some of the best people I have had the privilege to have known worked with us over the years and for those that have gone onto other careers we thank you for sharing the journey.

We moved into the Superior Drive Offices in 2001 and for 13 years we made that space our home. It was a great big space with our green and white screens, audio studio and lots of storage. In the new millennium we added video to our repertoire taking home awards in film festivals and cutting our teeth in the corporate video world. It was also in the early 2000’s we started our work in the political and building trade’s areas. So much to learn and figure out but we had some good mentors along the paths.

In 2006 we lost one of founders Christina C. Tyson to cancer. She is still missed. But I would like to think that she would be very proud of the work we do and the company we have we become using so many of the principles she helped instill.

We moved forward, met new clients, explored new technologies and continued to grow and succeed, and of course, continued to produce great websites, print and marketing and video.

2014 marks our latest milestone, moving to Lodge Street. This move was a healthy change for us and let us purge old files and “stuff” accumulated over the years on Superior and make some changes on how we do business. The 2015 New Year marks for us the end of that transition and continuation of the good work we are known for.

So to all our friends, clients, guides and supporters, we thank you.
We’re looking forward now to the next miles stones, we hope you will share them with us as we travel.

Greg Bobier, Creative Director

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