It’s Really Simple

Marketing companies are good at communicating how wonderful they are, and that creative magic flows and oozes from their every pore. We have a different take; we let our clients’ work speak for us. We will however, share something that works well for our clients and us. It’s not complicated, but it’s surprising how few companies put this to practice.

This is how we approach each of our projects:


You’re the expert on your business. You know your industry and needs better than we ever will – so we start by listening.Understanding how you measure your successes and learning upfront what obstacles to be aware of will help set the direction we need to take in order to achieve your project success. 


We understand the media world, web, print, television and marketing.

Taking direction from what we’ve learned, we apply the right technology and system solutions that best fit your unique needs and objectives.

We approach each project milestone with a fact-finding mentality keeping the lines of communication open to obtain valuable feedback in order to provide the very best in project solutions.


Take the first two steps, pull them together and produce design material that is world class.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a one-man shop or a large company, image is everything.

From working within your existing brand identity or building a fresh new look and feel from scratch Digital North is focused on making you and your company look your best.