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Floppy Friday

Floppy Friday

It’s Floppy Friday!

We know some of our older fans might remember these antiques… any guesses?

This is what you find when you clean the old boxes and make space for new things.

What to do with them (other than make social commentary lol), it’s such a shame as these at one time were treasures, now only relics destined for the garage heap.

Support for past or legacy systems is such a balancing act as it becomes increasing difficult to make the same software work across platforms and push envelopes at the same time. There was a time we supported DOS 5, Windows 2 & 3 and 95. Not anymore, thank goodness! Nowadays the support issues we most run into are browser related and with Spartan, Microsoft’s new browser on the horizon,

I’m sure we will see support for the IE platform fall off as well.

Still its good see these old friends, smile, and be happy that we are no longer shoehorning programming into these anymore.