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Does Digital North make Websites, Marketing & Video?

Does a bear… well, you know…

& we’ve been doing that for over twenty years.

Digital North media is the design company of choice for companies looking  for the best in Websites, Marketing and Video in the Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge and Guelph area. If you need to share your idea, make the phone ring or have to get your message out to the world we can help. From small startups and family businesses to large corporations we focus on crafting solutions that fit your needs and targets.

From Web design and web development or content management , to graphic design and print, to Brochures, Posters and PowerPoint and Video Production we have you covered.

Talk to us about your project, you’ll be happy you did!


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Recent News

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Oktoberfest time

Digital North is an official sponsor of KW Oktoberfest – In fact we are the Media Meister Sponsor! This years ...

Fresh WP website

Things have been busy at Digital North, we can’t believe its April already! 3 client trade shows in the works ...

Digital North turns 20!

This year Digital North media turns 20 years old! What a great twenty years it has been. So much creative work, posi ...

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“The professionalism, expertise and attention to detail shown by Digital North, at times under immense pressure, were exceptional. Greg and his team are highly capable and always flexible to meeting our needs; which with the size and complexity of the project was no doubt a considerable challenge. I highly recommend Greg and his team to anyone considering the services of Digital North.” more ..

under pressure

“Digital North is a professional group with the ability to make you feel like you are the most important project they are working on. They are able to go with the flow and not get frustrated with the changes we requested. “   more ..

professional group

“Digital North has done a remarkable job taking our pencil scratched notes and vision, and has delivered us exactly what we were looking for. At the same time they have opened our eyes to the workings of the Internet and what it can do for us, always with another idea, option or opinion for something to add, or how to make one of our pages better.” more ..

exactly what we were looking for

“We hired Digital North to design a web site for us that was easy to populate and didn't require us to hire additional staff. Mission accomplished, for more than a decade their team handled our web site needs as we grew the site to keep pace with the innovations that seemed to take place every day on the web. “ more ..

long term savings

“I have hired Digital North to design and implement am interactive web site. They have been consistently able to grasp the needs and translate them into workable plans, they have always have made themselves available in expedient fashion whenever the needs arise.” more ..

Grasping ideas

“Working with Digital North has been a great experience. They created our logo and website. The logo is brilliant. The website looks great, is easy to navigate as well as maintain and update. Overall, Digital North provided creative solutions and excellent service all at a reasonable cost.” more ..

Graphics and web

“It was hard to choose only three top attributes, as Greg and his team are also Personable, provide Excellent Value, are always On Time, and their Integrity is second to none. They are great to work with, exceptionally creative, while always practical at the same time. They make the development process fun and engaging. “ more ..

Value, Speed & Integrity