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Christina C. Tyson

Writer, Director, Artist
1970 – 2006

Christina was one of the two founding partners of Digital North. We mourn the loss of a friend, an artist and a visionary.
She cannot be replaced. Those who met her knew and understood what a dynamic and bright spot she was to everything she was involved with. We carry on, as she would have wanted, taking all the very best she left us in inspiration and hope that each of us in our many ways will make this world a better place to live and grow. Christina left as part of her signature on Digital North our 10 rules, shown here:

1. We are everything we need to be from God!
2. We are successful.
3. Claim responsibility and learn – never blame.
4. Always give / share.
5. Only speak with good purpose.
6. We are our wealth.
7. Do what you love.
8. We know the answer already.
9. We attract what we need and get what we ask for.
10. Destroy to create.

She will be missed, but never forgotten.