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Another Turkey of a project

Another Turkey of a project

… in this case that’s not a bad thing.

We just finished, rendered and burned our latest video project for Ontario Turkey & the Poultry Service Organization.

This video explains the dos and don’ts on how to load turkeys into trucks mechanically and by hand. This safety video will be used to keep on-farm turkey loaders safe and keep the farmers insurance lower. All we can add is we have never seen so many turkeys in our lives!

just an addition – here is some client feedback
“OK – I just reviewed (finally!) the Safe Work Practices video. Kudos to you and your crew – you’ve done a fantastic job! The video catches the salient features without belabouring the points (like so many similar videos do!). I can’t say enough good things about it and I look forward to showing it to my own staff; I know they’ll be pleased! It’s fantastic! Well done! New-Life is pleased and proud to have been a part in its creation!”